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Avpro's aircraft consulting services ensure that clients are receiving the best value from their investment when it comes to corporate or private business jet aircraft. We provide a range of consulting services for businesses and high networth individuals who are considering or are currently operating business jet aircraft.

Aviation and Aircraft Consulting Services:
    • Aircraft Appraisals & Fair Market Value Analysis
    • Residual Value Analysis/Forecasting
    • Complete Needs Analysis & Aircraft Selection
    • Analysis of Current Operational Usage
    • Charter/Fractional Cost Analysis vs. Ownership
    • Fleet Planning

Aircraft Selection

Avpro's consulting department applies careful analysis and industry experience to provide sound advice to clients when making the complex and strategic decisions involved with selecting an aircraft. Each client has unique aviation requirements for their particular business. After a complete analysis, Avpro will make a recommendation to our clients based on their current and future needs.

Residual Value Analysis/Forecasting

Avpro's consultants provide accurate and dependable aircraft residual values. This information is critical to making informed decisions when leasing or purchasing an aircraft. Top lending institutions consult with Avpro to determine lending standards for business aircraft.

Charter/Fractional Cost Analysis vs. Ownership

Avpro conducts extensive research to assist clients in selecting the best purchasing framework for their corporate aviation needs. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when determining the optimal investment strategy for acquiring an aircraft.

Avpro has assisted customers in the following ownership paradigms:avpro fleet planning fractional ownership charter analysis:
    • FAR Part 91 Operation
    • FAR Part 135 Operation
    • Leasing
    • Fractional Ownership
    • Aircraft Management
    • Jet Card

Complete Transportation Analysis

Avpro works to ensure that the ownership and operation of your business aircraft meets your needs and protects your investment to the fullest. Developing a successful solution requires careful empirical analysis and planning. Pulling from decades of experience and the most reliable and current information available, Avpro has the experience and knowledge to assist in making the correct decision.

Fair Market Value Analysis

Avpro consistently provides solid fair market value estimates for corporate jet aircraft in virtually all markets. Having dedicated market researchers and continuously updated resources not only allows our valuations to be as accurate as possible, but also allows us to stay one step ahead of the market.